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About Prevention

Prevention is a broad category and there can be many different types of prevention. For example, there is community-wide health-related prevention, crime prevention, safety prevention and the list goes on.

The CDC lists three types of prevention, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. The type of prevention that we focus on within the Sweetwater County Prevention Coalition is Primary Prevention. Primary Prevention is Defined as intervening before health effects occur, through measures such as vaccinations, altering risky behaviors (poor eating habits, tobacco use), and banning substances known to be associated with a disease or health condition. The Sweetwater County Prevention Coalition operates under grant funding. Under the grant, we do community and countywide education, promotion and evidence-based programming for a variety of focus areas. The areas that we cover are; Underage Drinking & Youth Marijuana Use, Adult Overconsumption, Tobacco, Opioids & Other Drugs, Suicide, and strategies that encompass all focus areas.

Image by Joseph Keil
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