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Prevention Trainings and Classes

We have certified trainers and facilitators for several prevention programs. Our grant funds typically cover all costs, so they are free to local community members and organizations.

We are also able to craft specific presentations regarding substance use and suicide prevention for organizations or events. 

If you are interested in having us facilitate a training or give a presentation to your organization, please CONTACT US


QPR stands for Question, Persuade, and Refer, the steps used to intervene and help someone who may be considering suicide. This 60-to-90-minute class will teach you how to notice warning signs of suicide, help someone considering suicide to stay alive, and connect them to professional help.  Anyone can become a certified QPR Gatekeeper and save lives. You can learn more about QPR here: QPR Institute | Practical and Proven Suicide Prevention Training QPR Institute (en-US)

Upcoming trainings:

--We do not currently have a free community training planned. However, if you or your organization are interested in taking the class, message us and we will set up a free training at your convenience. 

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is an intensive 8-hour course that teaches attendees how to help someone experiencing any kind of mental health challenge, from very early signs and symptoms to crisis states of substance use, psychosis, and suicide. Just like physical first aid, Mental Health First Aid will teach you how to respond to someone experiencing mental health issues, keep them safe, and connect them to professional help. 

Upcoming Trainings:

--Our next free MHFA community training will be a 2 part session taking place July  2, 2024 & July 9, 2024 from 11:30 am - 4:00 pm. If you would like to register for the training please message us and leave us your email, so we can sign you up. 

WISE (Wellness Initiative for Senior Education)

This course has six 90-minute sessions spread out over six weeks. It is a prevention and wellness program for older adults that focuses on optimizing health, wellness, and happiness throughout the aging process. The six lessons are as follows: Understanding the changes associated with aging; Aging sensitivity; Valuing cultural and generational diversity; Medication and the older adult; Substance misuse, addiction, and older adults; An enhanced quality of life. 

Upcoming Trainings:

--We are not currently holding a WISE training, but if you know of a group that is wanting this training, please message us.  

Tobacco Cessation Classes (Youth and Adult)

If you would like to quit vaping, smoking, or chewing, we have several services that can help. In addition to providing nicotine replacement therapy to adults, we can provide cessation classes that will help you to analyze your tobacco use patterns, make a quit plan, and develop coping skills to conquer cravings. For youth, we provide INDEPTH and NOT through the American Lung Association. For adults, we provide the DIMENSIONS Tobacco Free Program developed by experts from the University of Colorado.

Upcoming Classes:

--We do not currently have any upcoming cessation classes, but if you are interested, please CONTACT US, and we will schedule them with you at your convenience. 

TIPS Responsible Beverage Service Training

TIPS teaches those working in bars, restaurants, or other establishments serving alcohol how to serve responsibly and legally. It covers issues of age, overconsumption, and safety. If you own or manage an establishment where alcohol is sold, it is a good idea to have your employees trained in TIPS. 

Upcoming Classes:

--We do not personally provide TIPS training, but we do have connections with certified trainers. If you are interested in individual or group training, CONTACT US, and we will set you up with a local trainer. 

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