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Help us gather data from community events!

For better or worse, the social norms observed at community events have strong effects on youth behavior. Because of this, it's crucial that we know how alcohol and tobacco are advertised, sold, and used at community events, but we can't be everywhere at once! If you attend a community event in Sweetwater County, please fill out our community event environmental scan surveys. This information helps us to select and implement strategies that will reduce problematic drinking and tobacco/vape use at community events and improve the norms youths are observing. There are two surveys, one for alcohol and one for tobacco/vaping. Feel free to take one or both!

Click the underlined titles below to fill out the Alcohol or Tobacco/Vape scan Google Form. You can keep the tab open on your phone and fill it out as you notice things at the event, or you can fill it out after the event. Thanks!

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